Beyond Imagination, AOTO CLD Shines at the ISE 2017!

DATE:08 February,2017

At the Integrated Systems Europe 2017, AOTO rolled out its brand new products, most noteably the CLD series (Commercial LED Display) that will redefine the commercial large area display world. Compared with ISE 2016, ISE 2017 had over 49,000 sqm of exhibition space, making it the biggest exhibition in the event’s 14-year history.

500 inch CLD Display Draws Great Interest.

At AOTO’s booth in Hall 12 C64, AOTO showcased various different commercial LED solutions for visitors at this year’s show.  In the booth we had a high-end retail solution, a flight information solution, a conference room solution and an industrial design solution along with sporting and concert event solutions. The 500 inch 8K LED TV screen on the floor caught everyones’ eyes at first sight.  It was created with our CLD display panels and shown in an 8K configuration including our state of the art HDR technology. “That’s amazing. There are no seams on your screen compared with other companies”.  “This is the best display I’ve seen at this show”, a customer attracted by the 8K CLD said to us.Our patented and cutting-edge 8K control system guarantees the 8K display operates smoothly with just one controller. This was made possible by AOTO’s commitment to great R & D to stay a leader in this eveloving marketplace

Our Integrated CLD Display Takes the Lead in Convenience, Aesthetics and Ease of Use.

Additionally, we had two CLD other products in different pixel pitches (1.8 and 1.5mm pixel pitch) mounted around the side of the booth to give customers a warm welcome and to showcase these resolutions as well. The integrated display system allows for ultra-slim, front serviceable installations in indoor environments.  This revolutionary industry-leading design can deliver a resolution down to as tight as .95mm to work where the audience is just a arms length away all the way up to 3.7mm pixel pitch for larger displays and audiences several meters away.  This technology delivers a clarity, as well as reliability that has never been seen in the display industry.

AOTO booth also featured our new AOTO Box, a patented wireless conference sharing tool that we also demonstrated this year at ISE 2017.  With all this new technology, AOTO certainly did come through this year with the products that matched the hype market that comes each year with the 1st show of the year.

Other display solutions included flight a information display made up of CLD1.2, event solutions with the M2.8E and M5.8E, and our perimeter display solution for sporting venues all showed that AOTO is one of the best LED display suppliers for many different solutions from one company that you can trust.

AOTO Grasps every Opportunity to Show itself

AOTO also sponsored several LED screens for use around the ISE 2017 event, including an outdoor mobile screen in the front of the RAI Plaza, an outdoor digital sign at the Entrance C, a LED video wall at the registration center, a 12K display at the main aisle of Hall 1 and a large LED screen in Hall 8.

At ISE 2017 this year as with previous years, AOTO has made a great effort to improve the overall customer experience and we grasp every opportunity to lend our products to help the show management.

AOTO Dedicates to the LED Industry Development

The ISE Show is a great place to show off the AOTO’s creativity and capabilities of using our products to achieve breakthroughs in new levels of customer experience.  In the future, AOTO will continue to dedicate its efforts to be a leader in the LED industry, maximizing globalization and improving the overall customer experience.

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