AOTO Partnered with Xuancheng Government for Intelligent Traffic Command Center

DATE:28 October, 2019

In 2017, AOTO M1.2C and M2C unveiled at Xuancheng new office center, aiming to build a brand new intelligent traffic command center. This project has witnessed AOTO’s significant breakthrough in the control room filed, and the superior performance of the products also impressed the office staff a lot.


“It is amazing! The image quality is extremely incredible, all road conditions can be clearly presented at these LED screens, such as the road traffic situation and emergency, etc,” said one engineer. “Obviously, the introduction of these screens helps us supervise the real-time conditions, and make immediate decisions. All things tend to be efficient! ”


AOTO MXC series, without any doubt, has become highly recognized by the staff of the command center. It achieves the best bright uniformity and most accurate color restoration. By using the die-cast aluminum structure, the cabinet is extremely light and can realize curved installation as well as 90-degree splicing. With the stunning visual performance, such as high contrast, HDR, moiré effect reduction, etc., and high stability, mainly reflect in backup function, excellent dissipation, and fireproof, the product has been broadly applied in the command centers, train stations, well-known enterprise conference rooms, and airport internationally.


The screens precisely showcase the traffic flow in 24 hours. As the core of the command center display system, AOTO M1.2C and M2C also present the position of the GPS police car in the whole city and the condition of the police dispatch. The win-win cooperation with Xuancheng traffic command Center is a good opportunity for both sides, AOTO will continuously improve the ability and serve the customers internationally.

Product Specification 

Pixel Pitch(mm)1.291.581.872.53
Calibrated Brightness(nits)800 – 2,000
LED TypeSMD 3 in 1
Color Processing Depth24 bit
Size (W x H )480 (mm) X 480 (mm)
Lifespan100,000 hrs
IP RatingIP 40
Operating EnvironmentTemperature: -10°C - 40°C; Humidity: 10% - 90%RH

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